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Dear composers! The site allow you to upload your compositions (scores, phonograms and lyrics) and organize it in albums and pages of albums.You need not use html editor or web programing to do it. See an example of displaying list of compositions.

Registered users can leave comments, add music, create albums and pages from albums, put likes, follow other users. Their soundtracks can be selected to listen by player of random music.

To expand the circle of your listeners, you can:

  • enter data (album name, composer name, track name) in several languages ;

  • create a track description in several languages and have a dialogue with listeners commenting on the track in different languages ;

You can add albums and tracks of other users to your profile.

You can also create albums and add tracks that are available only for you.

If you have any questions, you can ask them to help desk.

The catalogue is currently running in test mode.
It is assumed that at the end of testing a monthly fee will be introduced or advertising inserts will be added.